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FAQ's And Site Help


Why is the F-22 called the F/A-22, or the F/A-22 called the F-22?

*This website was started in October 2000. The F-22 had not been renamed then, so throughout the website, the Raptor will be referred to (interchangeably) either the F-22 or F/A-22.

Flash Games And Tools:

*One reoccurring problem with this site is that people complain that the flash games and some of the tools don't work.  If you use Windows ME OS on your computer, many flash files will not work.  The reason being, that ME has some problems with action scripting, the main thing that makes flash interactive (like used in games).  If you have ME, there may not be a way to fix it, thus, you won't be able to play particular games, unless Microsoft comes out with a patch or you upgrade your OS.  If a game doesn't load, be somewhat patient, it could be loading.  Just because the progress bar on your browser say done, doesn't mean the actual game file is fully loaded.  

*Another problem is that on the games that use the control key, Mac users should use their open apple key, the one near the control key that has an apple on it.  Windows users are okay for the games. 

For the Flash player, go to


Java Games, and Operating Java tools and Functions:

This site requires a browser that is java enabled and that is at least a 3.0 version or up.  Most of you probably have that anyway.  This site is compatible with every browser that I've come in contact, however, Internet Explorer seems to show the best results for extra effects not essential to the site's operation.


Screen Resolution:

This site was made for any screen resolution of 800 x 600 or higher.  The best color set at the lowest for the full experience is 16bit or higher, however, 32 bit or higher is recommended.


What is that Bar on the left?

The bar on the left of every page is a navigation bar.  It has all the main pages of the site, so that everything is accessible from everywhere on the site, to make it easier and faster to find things.  


Are the games and pictures free?

Yes.  However, you must acquire the correct permission from the originator.  The posters made by the webmaster are for free and you are allowed to distribute them, but not charge or take credit for them.  They and everything else on this site are naturally copy righted.  None of the games are for further distribution, but they are free to play off this site.


How Do I contact the Webmaster?

Easily.  Just click here to contact the webmaster.


How long has this site been up?

On Thursday, October 26 2000, at 1:27:10 pm, the site was officially reserved on a Free Server.


Dead Links:

If you encounter ANY dead links, please click here to report them.  Please include the link, the context it is in (if possible), and the page it is located on.


What Browser Can I use for this site?

The truth is, just about any browser works for this site as long as you have the flash plug-in and java enabled.  Any browser works, as long as it v.3.0 or higher.  I.E. 5.5 and up works the best for some extra parts on this site.


Technical Problems With Website--- Please Report!!!

If you encounter ANY problems on this site, whether it is dealing with flash, java, games, info, or anything else that is wrong or does not function perfectly, click here.


How do I add a link to the site?

Simple.  Email the webmaster and include the URL, and Title of your site.


The movies don't work.

First of all, you may need to download the correct player.  QuickTime or Real Player are good players for most people.  You also may need to update your player depending on how old it is.  Another possibility is that you have a slow connection.  If that's the case, either don't bother, or grab a cup of coffee and sit back.  There are ton's of downloads and games and other info and stuff on this site to keep you busy.  If all your settings are correct, and you're still having problems, contact the webmaster here.  

The below are players that you will need for different movies (note: they are free and used widely in many websites):


Find Function on some pages doesn't work

For people using Macintosh, the find function does not work.  The find function is the box at the top of some pages that you type a word or phrase into and it highlights that input on the page.


What is that thing in the bottom right corner of the screen on some pages-- and why does it get weird when I scroll fast????

The picture at the right bottom  corner of your screen on some pages is a logo brand.  It stays on the screen and if you click it, it will link back to the home page.  Once again, Mac users will have an occasional problem with this.  Some Mac users have said that the picture will duplicate and stay on the screen.  If that happens, there is not much you can do to fix it right now, but the OS and software for Macs are beginning to accept this.  


Applying wallpapers (tutorial)

Need help applying the quality backgrounds (wallpapers) that you downloaded form this site? It's as simple as 1.2.3.:

Windows Users:

1: Right click on picture.

2: Select "Set as wallpaper"

3: Enjoy!

Macintosh Users:

Do the same exact process as for windows users (above) except instead of right clicking on the picture, click and hold down the mouse button to have the menu come up.


Recommended Software for viewing this site:

All original content on this site Dewman, and all other content of the respective owner / originator.