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Specifications of F-22 (F/A-22)

Following information and some graphics from  F22 Virtual Resource

Wing Area:

840 sq ft

Engine Thrust Class:

35,000 lb

Level Speed: 921 mph

Total Length:

62.08 ft

Wing Span:

44.5 ft

Horizontal Tail Span:


Tail Span: 18'10"

Total Height:


Track Width:



Pratt & Whitney F-119

Max. Takeoff Weight: 60,000 lb (27,216 kg)
Max. External Stores: 5,000 lb (2,270 kg)
Weight Empty: 31,670 lb (14,365 kg)
Ceiling: 50,000 ft (15,240 m)
Crew: 1
G Limit: +9 G
First Flight: September 7th 1997

Outer Surface Components
     39% Titanium
     24% Composite
     16% Aluminum
     01% Thermo-plastic

The F22 Raptor’s airframe is comprised mainly of four (4) large “chunks”, or pieces that are produced by separate companies (see illustration below for part and manufacturer).

Click Here to view a Technical Diagram

click here to view a three view diagram of the F-22


*The engines (PW-F119-100) are delivered and manufactured by Pratt and Whitney

*The Aft Fuselage, main wing structures, power generation units, fire protection system, and other various parts, mostly found in the main fuselage. Boeing also manages many of the subsystems dealing with fuel, electrical components, and engine operation.

*Lockheed Marietta produces and manages the fins, flaps, ailerons, production of the forward fuselage, and joining the large chunks of the aircraft together.

*Lockheed Ft. Worth manages and oversees the production and assembly of the main fuselage, or the mid area of it. This job is possibly the most difficult of all, because of the aircraft’s size, and the fact that most of the wiring, tubing, and systems run through this portion of the aircraft.


 "The structural loads of the F-22 are mostly absorbed by 5 titanium bulkheads." from F22Virtual Resource (No longer On-line).

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The F-22 has large area wings which allow it to perform well in high speeds. They also double as a fuel tank.  The leading edge flaps (located at the wings' front edges) serve as a method of achieving high Angles of Attack (AOA) of over 60 degrees when traveling at lower speeds.

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The "fins" of the aircraft are divided into two types: the horizontal (which control vertical movement) and the vertical (which control the horizontal movement).   The horizontal fins (located at the rear of the aircraft) not only provide the plane with extra maneuverability etc... , but also act as a heat shield for the exhaust of the engines, so the thermal trace of the F22 is at a minimum.  The vert. fins are angled in the similar fashion of the F-22's body, to help reduce its radar signal.  These also contain many internal antennas inside the body of the fin itself, as a way to conceal them and help maintain the stealth abilities of the aircraft.

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The weapon bays are all internally concealed (much like a stealth bomber).  On the low bottom left and right sides of the aircraft, underneath its wings, are the bays were Aim 9's wind other missiles.  The missiles are ejected out by a special mechanism.  See weapons .  An F/A-22C is being currently produced to hold larger weapons in the internal bays, thus being a more bomber proned aircraft.  Naval versions of the F-22 are also coming.

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The landing gear is produced by Menasco.  The landing gear mechanism is a retractable tricycle type, stressed for no-flare landings of up  to 3.05m/s downward speed. The measurement of the nose wheel tire is 23.5 x 7.5-10 and the 2 main wheel tires measure 37 x 11.5-18.

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One of the F-22's distincitive features are the air intakes, which are located to the sides of the main "cockpit area" ( the narrower part of the fighter's nose). Once air has been channeled into the intakes, it winds up the internal tubes, winding up and around the engine.  Extra intakes are above these intakes, which can be opened (they are closed to maintain stealth) when extra thrust is needed.

Learn about the engines


Click On the Picture above to SEE the F22's inner structure

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